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The Garden Shelter has a New Roof

Crone Shelter new roof

A new cedar shingle roof was installed on the Martha Crone Shelter while the Garden was closed for the Winter. Read about the Shelters history.

The 25 Most Commonly Seen Spring Flowers at Eloise Butler.

From the Garden Records, here are the 25 most common Spring flowers with their earliest and latest bloom dates.

Garden Plant of the Week

Starry False Solomons Seal

Starry False Solomon's Seal
Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link

The various plants called 'Solomon's Seal' reside in several different genus. The 'False' Solomon's Seals are in Maianthemum, which means 'May flowering' and that they do here in central Minnesota. The 'Starry' is named for petals that open to a star shape. It prefers sun and somewhat moist soils. The mature berry that forms is red with a darker red stripe. It's native to Minnesota and indigenous to the Garden.


Natural History Comment

"Birds: Like other great landowners, I have tenants. They are negligent about rents, but very punctilious about tenures. Indeed at every daybreak from April to July they proclaim their boundaries to each other, and so acknowledge, at least by inference, their fiefdom to me. " Aldo Leopold, 1949, from A Sand County Almanac.

A Seasonal Poem

Again the infant flowers of Spring
Call thee to sport on thy rainbow wing--
Spirit of Beauty! the air is bright
With the boundless flow of thy mellow light;
The woods are ready to bud and bloom,
And are weaving for Summer their quiet gloom;
The turfed brook reflects, as it flows,
The tips of the half-unopen'd rose,
And the early bird, as he carols free,
Sings to his little love, and thee.

Taken from "Spring" by
James Gates Percival (1795 - 1856)