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Past Members of the Board of Directors

Building the Martha E Crone Shelter

Harry D. Thorn

harry thornHarry Thorn joined the Friends in 1968 and in that same year he became a member of the Building Committee that was formed by the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden for the construction of the Martha Crone Shelter. He and Wilber Tusler both make their appearances at this time. They were probably acquainted with one of the other board members and Thorn was certainly known to Garden Curator Ken Avery through birding activities. Harry was in charge of the building fund for the Committee - in effect the finance chair of the Committee.

Mr. Thorn and Mr. Tusler were the ones who met with Minneapolis Parks Superintendent Robert Ruhe on March 25, 1969 to finalize the parameters for the Friends building the new shelter.

He was first elected to the Friends Board of Directors in 1969 and served until May 1974 when he did not stand for re-election as he and his wife Marjorie were moving to Richmond VA in 1975.

At the time he joined the Friends he was a retired executive of the advertising firm of Batten, Bardon, Durstine and Osborne. He was an ameture photographer, some would say almost professional in his capabilities. After his retirement he helped psychiatric patients at the Veterans Hospital to use cameras and process film. He showed slides to the patients. A comment of his was "I just didn't want to spend all my time on myself. I figured I could do something for these patients." (1)

His focus was on birds and flowers. One of his "shows" was a presentation of Minnesota Wildflowers to the Minneapolis Bird Club on March 4, 1969, with Garden Curator narrating. (2)

He passed away 1979 in Virginia. Wilber Tusler sent in a memorial donation for him.

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