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Spring 2020

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Garden Plant of the Week

Selected from the many species in, or historical to, the Garden.

Bottlebrush Sedge Bottlebrush Sedge
Carex hystericina

Link on name goes to more information and photos of this plant.

Another Wild Botanic Garden
A predecessor to Eloise Butler's Garden

The Wild Garden of George Upham Hay in New Brunswick - Article

George Hay gathering

A Seasonal Poem

The rising sun I go to meet,
Swathed ankle-deep in dewy grass;
Rare fragrance stirs beneath my feet,
And round my pathway gather sweet
The secents of morning as I pass.

The tented maples o’er my head
Flash out aloft in leafy sheen,
While broken notes of flitting birds
Break in across my flatering words,
And drift along the shadowy green.

A glistening veil of purple haze
On nearer mountains softly lies;
The distance swims in liquid light,
Where blue peaks, rising height on height,
Dissolve like dreams in fainting skies.


Summer Morning by
Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863-1953)

Reflections - an historical July 4th.

“I halted earlier than usual, about forty miles from the junction [of the South and North Forks of the Platte], and all hands were soon busily engaged in preparing a feast to celebrate the day. The kindness of our friends in St. Louis had provided us with a large supply of excellent preserves and rich fruit cake; and when these were added to a maccaroni soup, and variously prepared dishes of the choicest buffalo meat, crowned with a cup of coffee, and enjoyed with prairie appetite, we felt, as we sat in barbaric luxury around our smoking supper on the grass, a greater sensation of enjoyment than the Roman epicure at his perfumed feast. But most of all it seemed to please our Indian friends, who, in the unrestrained enjoument of the moment, demanded to know if our ‘medicine days came often.’”
Capt. John C. Fremont, July 4, 1842 from An Exploration of the Country lying between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains.

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Eloise Butler Book
Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Plant Photo ID Guide
Note Cards

Downloadable PDF format books.

The Wild Botanic Garden
1907-1933. Companion book to The Wild Gardener
This Satisfying Pursuit
Martha Crone and the Wild Flower Garden
The Native Plant Reserve
1933-1958. Companion book to the Crone History

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