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On this page are download-able pdf 'as-printed' copies of The Friends Newsletter, The Fringed Gentian™ and beginning in late 2017, web-based versions that are read in your browser and are friendly to all screen sizes. The most recent issues are listed first. To read the pdf files accurately you will need Adobe Reader version 7 or higher - (or equivalent program).

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Web files: These are browser friendly html files which will adjust to various screen sizes. Click on the link under the issue date. These files are available for only the five most recent years.

PDF image: Click on the volume # link to download the file to your browser where you can view it, print it, or file it. (If your browser is not configured to open a pdf file within the browser window, you should change the configuration. Otherwise the file will download to your disk and you can open it as a file.) Download time is entirely dependent on the speed of your internet connection. Beginning in 2010 two file sizes are given: Lo-res (Vol LO) will open faster and is fine for screen viewing. For a superior version to print use the Hi-res file (Vol HI).

Note: All issues after 1993 have a President's letter, gift, memorial and membership information, most have garden curator's notes. Some of these files do not contain the back page, when that page is address information only and does not contain articles or photos. Numerous times after volume 19, editors got the published volume numbers out of sequence and sometimes forgot to change the dates. Corrections are indicated in the listing.

Additional Volumes:
Volumes 41 to 60 - 1993 - 2012

Volumes 21 to 40 - 1973 to 1992

Volumes 1 to 20 - 1953 to 1972.

Upper volumn # is chronological. Lower #, if any, is as published.

Vol LO 
Vol HI
Pub Date
Web Copy
Main Articles
N/A 70-3 Fall 2022
Highlights of Dr. Lee Frelich's talk at the Friends Annual Meeting; the Green Darner Dragonfly; Inside the Quaking Bog, discovery of lost Twayblade in the Garden; president's letter on the use of plant identification guides; Garden Curators notes on 2022 Garden staff and the new entry kiosk; membership information, donations, new Board of Directors and historical information.
70-2lo 70-2Hi Summer 2022
70th Anniversary of the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden; Jumping worms; interview with Steve Benson; review of bird game - Wingspan; president's letter on  Great-horned owl activity in the Garden and Friends 70th anniversary; and Curator's letter on status of the Garden; membership and historical information.
70-1lo 70-1Hi Spring 2022
What's it like to be a bird - What birds are doing and why; Warblers in the Garden; Review-Rosalie Edge - Hawk of Mercy; the Trilliums of Eloise Butler - the 15 current and historical Trilliums in the Garden; Friends member notes, 25th anniversary of the Garden back gate, President's letter about Rosalie Edge and Curator's letter on spring.
69-3 69-3Hi Fall 2021
Caught on Camera - nighttime in the Garden; Our Oak Trees, Review-Get to Know our Region Better; Review-There's Something in the Water; Friends member notes, committee reports, annual meeting results, President's and Curator's letters.
69-2 69-2Hi Summer 2021
FIPAG after 15 years, MN Dwarf Troutlily, Fireweed, Eloise Butler writes of Summer flowers, book review of "Minnesota's Natural Heritage," Friends member notes, committee reports, annual meeting notice.
69-1 69-1Hi Spring 2021
Owls in the Garden, Our Native Dogwoods, The Art of Collecting Native Seeds, Honoring Eloise Butler. Jennifer Olson's first presidents letter, Garden opening plans, Friends member notes, 40 year members, long-serving shelter docents, committee reports.
68-3 68-3Hi Fall-Winter 2020
Friends' President Kathy Connelly sums up her 3+ years as president; Susan Wilkins writes how eventful the Garden season was this year; Articles on "Flying Squirrels - our Hidden Neighbors", "An Earlier Wild Botanic Garden", "Snow Tracks - A Walk in the Cold"; Friends member notes, committee reports.
68-2 68-2Hi Summer 2020
Friends' President Kathy Connelly writes on diversity needs; Susan Wilkins writes how the Garden has coped with Covid-19; Articles on "Social media campaigns about black scientists and nature enthusiasts", "Native American Ethnobotany - Frances Densmore", "Interview with Pam Weiner", "History of Garden closures"; Friends 50-year members, committee reports.
68-1 68-1Hi Spring 2020
Friends' President Kathy Connelly writes on effects of climate change on our lives ; Susan Wilkins writes on how the Garden is affected; Articles on "Climate Change- can you make a difference!", "50th Anniversary of the Crone Shelter", "Pollinator Resolution passed in Golden Valley", "Silent Invasion" - earthworms; committee reports.
67-3 67-3Hi Fall 2019
Friends' President Kathy Connelly reviews proposed MPRB modifications to the Garden ; Susan Wilkins sums up the year 2019; Articles on "Magic in the Sky", "Let Nature by your teacher", "American Eden" book review, "Volunteering Growth"; committee reports.
67-2 67-2Hi Summer 2019
Friends' President Kathy Connelly reviews donations, the boardwalk and Garden Activity ; Articles on "Whispers Underground", "Devil Track Wildflower Sancturary", "Upland Garden 75th Anniversary", Interview with Lauren Husting; committee reports.
67-1 67-1Hi Spring 2019
Friends' President Kathy Connelly explains what will go on at the annual meeting; Garden Curator notes; Purple pitcher plant; book Rrview of "Black Nature"; Saving the Monarchs; FIPAG and committee reports.
66-3 66-3Hi Fall 2018
Friends' President Kathy Connelly reviews changes in Board Member assignments. Garden Curator notes. Ron Spinoza writes about slimes. Spotlight on legacy volunteer Mary Furth, update on the Maple Glen, review on a book on Martha Crone, 'Ask Eloise' column and committee reports.
66-2 66-2Hi Summer 2018
Friends' President Kathy Connelly explains the beauty of the Wildflower Garden. Six Garden naturalists write about favorite things. Baby songbirds and hard working parents, Earthworms in the Maple Glen, 'Ask Eloise' column and committee reports.
66-1 66-1Hi Spring 2018
Friends' President Kathy Connelly puts forth the Friends plans for the year. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins discusses ash trees in the Garden and boardwalk planing. Articles about Forest Bathing, Splotchy Spring, the Maple Bowl, book review of How trees think, 'Ask Eloise' column and committee reports.
65-3 65-3Hi Fall 2017
Friends' President Kathy Connelly reviews why you should become involved with the Friends and gives her views about the Garden. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins discusses the changes happening in the Garden. Articles about the new Garden Plant Identification Book, 'Ask Eloise' column, photos from the Fall Volunteer Appreciation Event, and committee reports.
65-2 65-2Hi Summer 2017 New Friends' President Kathy Connelly introduces herself and reviews the many things about the Friends and the Garden that she is grateful for. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the staff at the Garden this Summer and the School Kids Summer program. Article about Summer Birdsongs, Eloise Butler, and committee reports.
65-1 65-1Hi Spring 2017 President Pam announces Campaign 175 to raise funds to finish construction of the Garden Board walk. Her last letter as Friends President. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins writes about the opening of the Garden's 110th season. Volunteer spotlight on Jennifer Dunne. History of the Fern Glen. Photos of early spring flowers. Committee reports.
64-3 64-3Hi Fall 2016 Summer and Fall Activities of the Friends Invasive Plant Group; Curator Susan Wilkins takes the early Autumn off with her new baby; President Pam highlights the need for funding for the next phase of the Boardwalk; how to make Acorn Bread; volunteer spotlight on Jim Coleman; Photos from the Volunteer Appreciation Event; committee reports
64-2 64-2Hi Summer 2016 Summer Activities during the Garden season. Curator Susan Wilkins takes the Summer off with her new baby. History of the Eloise Butler Memorial Tablet, notes on the Garden in Midsummer, Committee reports
64-1 64-1Hi Spring 2016 Looking forward to the opening of a new Garden season. Looking back at some historical notes from Spring 1941, 1966 and 1991. Curator Susan Wilkins outlines the Garden staffing and programs for 2016. John Toren writes of experiences once inside the Garden Gate. Committee reports
63-3 63-3Hi Fall 2015 Wrap-up issue for the year hi-lighting our main fund-raiser - the Schutt House Event in June, the installation in July and dedication in Sept. of the new boardwalk - The Cary George Wetland Project, and the Volunteer Appreciation Event held a the end of October. Curator Susan Wilkins gives her thought of the past season. Friends Board member Phoebe Waugh is interviewed, committee reports. 12 pages.
63-2 63-2Hi Summer 2015 President's column on the installation of the new marsh boardwalk will take place this summer, and addresses the need for more shelter volunteers. Garden Curator writes of the quality and uniqueness of the Garden. Interview with the Garden's new Education Coordinator, Holly Fetzer, article by naturalist Wesley Nugreren on the Trees of Eloise Butler, committee reports.
63-1 63-1Hi Spring 2015 President's column with commentary on the Summer fundraiser at the Mendon Schutt House; Garden Curator's notes about the new season; interview with volunteer Kris Felbeck; article on Spring warblers; committee reports.
62-3Hi Fall 2014 President Pam review the results of our fund-raisers this year and our accomplishments. Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the Florilegium Project, the work of the Friends Invasives Action Group and the other endeavors that have helped the Garden in the past year. Interview with character actor Anna Anderhagen who portrays Eloise Butler. A two-page report on the hatching of baby snapping turtles at the Garden, Committee reports.
62-2Hi Summer 2014 President Pam reviews the Friends two major projects: The Cary George Wetland Project and the Student Transportation Grant Program. Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the wonderful spring season and the work of the Invasive Plant Action Group. MPRB Naturalist Tammy Mercer writes on how the Raptor Center help damaged Great Horned Owls. An historical article on how the Upland Garden came to be; information on the new Junior Nature Detective Backpack Program; migration of Monarchs, update on the work of the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group; introduction of Lauren Husting, new volunteer coordinator; membership and donation reports.
62-1Hi Spring 2014 President Pam delves into "plant intelligence", discusses the progress on the Boardwalk in the Garden, announces our new volunteer coordinator, Lauren Husting and makes plans for the the summer Garden Party on Aug. 3. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews Garden plans for 2014 which include the Boardwalk, a plant census, a birding festival, more plantings and educational programs for children. Interview with Friends Board member Melissa Hansen. Naturalist Karen Katz writes about Phenology. Naturalist Donna Thottungal writes of cooperation between plants. Summary report on the work done by the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group.
61-3 61-3Hi Fall 2013 President Pam reviews the past season and the Volunteer Appreciation Event held in November. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the efforts of the Garden Naturalists this past season and plans ongoing for the Boardwalk in the Marsh. MPRB Naturalist Liz Heck writes about Sedges in the Garden; MPRB Naturalist writes about A Fascination with Fungi and there is a year-end report of the work done by the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group, along with various committee reports.
61-2 61-2Hi Summer 2013 President Pam goes with the kids seeing what kids learn from a Naturalist's talk and then reviews the subparts of how the Friends help the Garden. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the very late spring start of the season, the summer Bee Survey, new plantings and how Eloise Butler may have adapted to climate change. An interview with volunteer, Friend's Board member and past president Gloria Miller; details of the Florilegium project; bio's on this season's Garden Naturalists; committee reports.
61-1 61-1Hi Spring 2013 President's letter reviews the volunteer event and lists goals and projects for 2013. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins writes of our need to cherish the nature we have. Three plants that are the first signs of spring are reviewed. Committee reports and why downed trees are left where they are.

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