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Note: Some of these files do not contain the back page, when that page is address information only and does not contain articles or photos. Numerous times after volume 19, editors got the published volume numbers out of sequence and sometimes forgot to change the dates. Corrections are indicated in the listing.

Additional Volumes:
Volumes 61 and higher - 2013 and later.
Volumes 41 to 60 - 1993 - 2012
Volumes 1 to 20 - 1953 to 1972.

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Main Articles
40-4 (42-4)   December 1992 Notes from Gardener Cary George, Naturalists notes for 1992, recipes for your bird feeding station, volunteer list for the past year, special recognition by Park Board of Elaine Christenson.
40-3 (42-3)   Fall 1992 Historical perspective on Clinton M. Odell, Gardener's notes, list of asters and goldenrod in the Garden, notes from President Joyce Smeby, membership notes, fall Garden programs.
40-2 (42-2)   Summer 1992 40th anniversary issue, background on the Friends, Gardener's notes, birding report, volunteer event and Eloise Butler birthday event, with special wildflower stamp to be sold at the Garden, new Friends President Joyce Smeby, annual meeting notes, membership notes, news of other gardens, Summer Garden programs, info from Martha Hellander's book. 12 pages.
40-1 (42-1)   March 1992 President Ann Kessen reflects on the "wild" part of the Garden, Cary George's notes on renovation of the back gate area, annual meeting notice, promotional info on Martha Hellander's new book on Eloise Butler, May program list.
39-4 (41-4)   December 1991 Review of the life of Eloise Butler, Gardener Cary George's notes on Garden mammals, Naturalists notes, Presidents notes on the season, announcement of the publication date of Martha Hellander's book on Eloise Butler. Membership and memorial updates.
39-3 (41-3)   October 1991 President Ann Kessen notes Autumn in the Garden and her son off to college, notes from Gardener Cary George, Naturalists notes, organic markets and environmental news, comments from the visitors book.
39-2   July 1991 Presidents note on using summer to relax, Gardener Cary George's notes, report on the passing of former Friends' President Cay Faragher, Annual Meeting notes, change of membership chairperson from Pat Thomesen to Betty Bryan.
39-1   May 1991 President Ann Kessen notes spring cleaning at the Shelter, revision of the By-laws and upcoming talk by Martha Hellander, notes from Cary George, Annual meeting agenda, spring birding early arrivals.
38-4   Dec. 1990 Ann Kessen discusses Garden project, Martha Crones slide collection, Martha Hellanders book work. Cary George reviews the springs near the Garden and gives a list of wells on Park Board property. Naturalists notes on the Summer Season.
38-3   Sept. 1990 Ann Kessen reviews the new front gate project, Cary George writes on trees in the Garden and the Mpls Heritage Tree project, Mary Lerman reviews other Park Board projects.
38-2   June 1990 President Ann Kessen reports of the events of the Annual Meeting in the Garden, this issue is the last for editor Betty Bridgman, Kathy Stennes will take over, notes on how the new birdbath in the prairie was obtained, notes from Gardener Cary George, membership update.
38-1 (40-1)   March 1990 President Ann Kessen notes on Robins and the spring opening of the Garden, Cary George writes about the winter and spring issues in the Garden including deerm fires, foxes; Mary Lerman reports on more Garden updates, note on the death of Martha Crone's daughter Janet the prior year on May 27.
37-4 (39-4)   Sept. 1989 President Ann Kessen gives some of Martha Hellander's research notes. Cary George's summer Garden notes, volunteer list, Naturalist report, October programs, Park Board scheduled improvements to the Garden, membership additions.
37-3 (39-3)   July 1989 President's notes, summer garden programs, Gardener's notes about deer in the garden and the bluebird project, Mary Lerman's notes on other Park Board projects, revised Mission Statement of The Friends.
37-2 (39-2)   April 1989 President Ann Kessen writes on volunteering at the Garden with her 11 year old son; May Garden programs, Gardener's notes on spring season and transplants from Martha Crone's Garden, deer drive, dry-up of Great Medicine Spring, volunteer and membership notes.
37-1 (39-1)   March 1989 President Ann Kessen see snowflakes but thinks of the first spring flowers, April Garden programs, an early March walk with Cary George, Jan. board meeting notes, membership changes. The death of Martha Crone.
36-4 (38-4)   September 1988 President Ann Kessen speaks of Autumn, September programs are listed. The seasons list of Shelter volunteers is published. Gardener's notes. New members list.
36-3 (38-3)   July 1988 Newly elected President Ann Kessen' first letter. Gardener Cary George discusses the effects of the drought on the Garden. August programs are listed. News of the Parks.
36-2 (38-2)   May 1988 President Gloria Miller announces a volunteer reception for June, introduces Martha Hellander. Gardener Cary George provides spring notes. Spring programs are listed. List of bird sightings. Notice of death of Dr. Marion Grimes.
36-1 (38-1)   April 1988 President Gloria Miller notes the the Friends new Gift Book is printed, that the new Garden Guidebook is printed. The Children's Garden in Wirth Park is described. Wirth Park updates. The new trail map of the Garden.
35-4 (37-4)   September 1987 President Gloria Miller puts up a copy of an essay from Audubon by Hal Borland about Fall. Gardener Cary George provides notes of what happened in the Garden during the summer and plants added. A list of Shelter volunteers is provided and some naturalist's notes.
  August 1987 President's letter from Gloria Miller about the "Summer Pleasures" day at the Garden and the special planting to be done for Ken Avery. Roster of new officers and directors for the coming year, Goodbye letter from Ken Avery.
  May 1987 President's letter from Gloria Miller about the highway construction. Notes from Gardener Cary George about the soil moisture deficit and the record early bloom dates for a number of spring flowers. Spring programs at the Garden, questions most asked of volunteers.
35-1 (37-1)   March 1987 President Gloria Miller announces the Ken Avery has retired as Gardener and that Cary George will be the new Gardener. The development of the Quaking Bog in Wirth Park is reviewed. The Burgess fountain at the front entrance is noted. A chart for the climate of Minneapolis is presented.
34-4 (36-4)   Oct. 1986 President Gloria Miller reports that the upland Garden drinking fountain, a memorial to Dr. Daniel Nordquist has been installed. A page is devoted to the conservation of wild flowers and the Minnesota statute about such is printed. A list of the 46 volunteers who staffed the Shelter is presented. The Minneapolis Heritage Tree program information is printed.
34-3 (36-3)   Aug. 1986 Gloria Miller writes her first report as the new President of the Friends, reporting that the Garden on Aug. 3rd was Mpls/St. Paul Magazine's Summer Pleasures Day. A report of the Garden tours of that day is given. August Garden programs, the Park Board's free wood chip location and the count of elms lost to Dutch Elm in Minneapolis is given.
34-2 (36-2)   May 1986 President Pat Thomesen's last message as president announces the slate for Board of Directors for the annual meeting and that Barb Delaney was chosen to do a Garden census funded by the Friends. Late spring classes are listed, gifts and memorials are listed and Gerald Ownbey's new book on Common Minnesota Wildflowers is announced. Many sketches for the book were done in the Garden.
34-1 (36-1)   April 1986 Pat Thomesen's Presidents message reports on the break-in at the Shelter, gives notice of the Friends Annual Meeting and reviews the Friends funding plans for the Garden this year. The Park Board announces the work to be done in creating the Quaking Bog in Wirth Park just outside the Garden area. The new trail map of the Garden is printed.
33-4 (35-4)   Sept. 1985 President Pat Thomesen reviews the fall Garden hours and memorials received. She announces the death of Wilbur Tusler who was a generous Friend and chairman of the building committee for construction of the Martha Crone Shelter in 1969-70. The list of 41 shelter volunteers is printed.
33-3 (35-3   Aug. 1985 President Thomesen reports that the Garden on Aug. 20th will be Mpls/St. Paul Magazine's Summer Pleasures Day. An introduction to the Garden for volunteers is listed; historian Cindy Berg reports on finding missing copies of our Newsletter; summer Garden programs are listed and a list of books needed for the shelter library is given.
33-2 (35-2)   June 1985 The events of the Annual Meeting are given, Gardener Ken Avery reports on the early spring. The recipients of The Friends' small grant program are announced. New Park Board foreman of horticulture, Dan Hasty, is introduced. A list of books purchased for the Shelter library is given.
33-1 (35-1)   March 1985 President's letter about the opening of the Garden and the annual meeting. A report from the Garden Naturalists about what they did in 1984 and plans for the 1985 season is printed. A list of books needed and a plea for volunteers is given.
32-4 (34-3)   Dec. 1984 Information on the search for missing back issues. Uses of Yarrow in architecture and search for some in November, letter from Mary Maguire Lerman of the Park Board about the Garden naturalists and update on the Rock Garden project. Membership news.
32-3 (34-3)   Oct. 1984 President Pat Thomesen writes about preparing white oak acorns for eating. Notes and comments from the volunteer's appreciation event held in the summer. List of volunteers. Info on forming your own wild flower garden. Membership information.
32-2 (34-2)   July 1984 New President Pat Thomesen reports on the Annual Meeting held on May 19th. Small grants to students were announced. The Park Board reports on restoration work on the Lake Harriet Rock Garden. Membership news and new member list.
32-1 (34-1)   April 1984 Outgoing President Caroline Price writes of why the Garden is so beneficial. Editors report on attending a Wild Edible Foods conference. Membership news.
31-3 (33-3)   November 1983 President's notes on Board activities; Garden notes from the fall season. Membership gift ideas for the holidays.
31-2 (33-2)   July 1983 President's report on the annual meeting and announcement of recipients of small study grants; volunteer information and highlights on certain volunteers.
31-1 (33-1)   March 1983 Notes from Dr. Marion Grimes on Henry Thoreau's visit to Minnesota and to visit her Grandfather; report on one of the small study grant projects.
30-4 (32-4)   Autumn 1982 Notes from president; appointment of Friends' first historian, Pat Thomesen; criteria established for the new Eliason Honor Roll Plaque; list of shelter volunteers; editor role turns over to Betty Bridgman.
30-3 (32-3)   Summer 1982 Friends' 30th anniversary poem by Betty Bridgman; introductory letter from new President Caroline Price.
30-2 (32-2)   Spring 1982 President's report on the 30th anniversary annual meeting, announcement of small study grant recipients; Caroline Price becomes president; list of shelter volunteers; letter from former president Moana Odell Beim;
30-1 (32-1)   Winter 1982 President's report on Friends' activity and planning for the Garden's 75th anniversary; uses of the small study grant money; Institute of Museum Services praises The Friends.
29-4 (31-4)   Autumn 1981 End of season report, list of volunteers; article on common plantain; problems with wild cats in the Garden.
29-3 (31-3)   Summer 1981 Report on Minneapolis' urban forest. Report on the annual meeting; report on recipients of the small study grants; article on Goldenrods.
29-2 (31-2)   Spring 1981 Notice of annual meeting; info on new Parks superintendent David Fisher; list of volunteers; article on Common Milkweed; copy of press release on the opening of the Garden and the change in entrance to one-way.
29-1 (31-1)   Winter 1981 President's report on Board activity; report on how to make a bog; article on Red-osier dogwood; list of programs at other parks.
28-4 (28-4)   Autumn 1980 President Deweese's notes on Board activity; list of shelter volunteers; notes on long range planning by the Park Board for Theodore Wirth Park; proposal of the Friends to the Park Board on the continuing development of the Garden; article on White Snakeroot.
28-3 (30-3)   Summer 1980 Introductory letter from new president Lynn Deweese; list of places Garden visitors came from in 1979; notes on Friends business needs, reprint of Betty Bridgman's poem for the dedication of the Martha Crone Shelter; article on Wild Sarsaparilla.
28-2 (30-1)   Spring 1980 Annual meeting report, recipients of small study grants, volunteer list, report on the small study grant work, article on Horse-tails, the Equisetum genus.
28-1 (30-1)   Winter 1980 Gardener Ken Avery notes the changes in philosophy governing the Garden, notice of the annual meeting, further conversation with new Park Board superintendent Charles Spears; more information on the draft of the 1st visitors guide to the Garden.
27-4 (29-4)   Autumn 1979 Gardener Ken Avery's report of the wet year when he did not have to water and cleaning the bog pools; president's report, volunteer list, further conversation with new Park Board superintendent Charles Spears; information on the draft of the 1st visitors guide to the Garden.
27-3 (29-3)   Summer 1979 Annual meeting notes, list of first study grant recipients. New Friends President John Murtfeldt introduces himself, volunteer news, Gardener's report on strange activities near the Garden, conversation with new Park Board superintendent Charles Spears.
27-2 (29-2)     There was no issue between Spring and Summer, the number 29-3 on the Summer issue should have been 29-2, and so on for the fall issue.
27-1 (29-1)   Spring 1979 Gardener's notes on the late spring, water in Great Medicine Spring, and Skunk Cabbage, notes from President Dean, volunteer reports, notes on the lady's-slippers.
26-4 (28-4)   Autumn 1978 Gardener's notes on Autumn, President Dean's notes on the future of the Garden, list of Shelter volunteers, miscel.
26-3 (28-3   Summer 1978 Why the Garden is "wild", annual meeting report, Mary Maguire's notes, volunteer report on the crowds in to see the Showy Lady's-slipper in June, notes on other gardens, Gardener Ken Avery's report on creating a floating sphagnum bog in the Garden
26-2 (28-2)   Spring 1978 Gardener Ken Avery reflects on changes in the Garden during his tenure. President Dean announces the creation of a grant program for teachers and students to study nature. List of volunteers.
26-1 (28-1)   Winter 1978 Pat Deweese reports on an evenings visit with Martha Crone. Gardener's report, Annual meeting notice, committee reports.
25-4 (27-4)   Autumn 1977 Gardener Ken Avery reflects on the season, President Dean's notes, joint educational projects between the Friends and the Park Board, volunteer report, common sunflower, fall gardening notes.
25-3 (27-3)   Summer 1977 Report on the 25th annual meeting of the Friends with Martha Crone and others in attendance. Gardener Ken Avery reports of the earliest spring he has encountered with record early bloom dates. Mary Maguire reports on new plants for the Garden. Membership notes.
25-2 (27-2)   Spring 1977 Gardener Ken Avery reports on the dry conditions and on many changes in the Park Board personnel and reporting structure. Letter from President Alex Dean. Friends create first membership brochure. Retirement of editor Evie Chadbourn.
25-1 (27-1)   Winter 1977 Two plus pages are devoted to the topic of snow. Ken Avery reports on Dutch Elm progress and peat fires in the Garden.
24-4 (26-4)   Autumn 1976 Presidents letter, Ken Avery reports on being laid up with a bad leg, and on the number of elms lost in the Garden. New member list, volunteer list. Editor Evie Chadbourn writes about vanishing gulls.
24-3 (26-3)   July 1976 Editor Evie Chadbourn writes on the differences of bogs, marshes, swamps and forests. Curator Ken Avery speaks of the very early spring and birds in the Garden. New Friends' President Alex Dean offers a note. New members, memorials, annual meeting notes.
24-2 (26-2)   April 1976 Martha Crone contributes a note on "Spring is Alive". Annual meeting notice. President Moana Beim reports on her winter visit in Florida while curator Ken Avery reports that spring is the latest ever and on the removal of dead elms. The editor reports on spring in Guatemala, new member list.
24-1 (26-1)   Jan. 1976 President Moana Beim notes the importance of individuals in preserving the wild areas including this Garden and makes a plea for more young members. Quotes from Clinton Odell and Henry Thoreau. New Gentian editor.
23-4 (26-4)   Oct. 1975 Gardener Ken Avery writes of changes in the Garden over the years, including the newly redone front gate and the new path from there to the Shelter, and also of the many dead elms that must be removed. New President Moana Odell Beim writes about meetings with the Park Board on the improvements mentioned by Ken Avery, a shelter break-in and the loss of the Fringed Gentian's™ editor. Gordon Morrison, Parks coordinator of Environmental Education writes about the Kentucky Coffeetree.
23-3 (25-3)   July 1975 Ken Avery reports on the late bloom of the Showy Lady's-slipper; report of the Friends annual meeting held on May 17th; Retirement of Bob Dassett as President; list of Friend's contributions to the Garden in the past year; list of new members and volunteers; tips on growing wild flowers; the Chadbourns go birding in Morocco.
23-2 (25-2)   April 1975 President Dassett reports that the Garden front gate will be rehabilitated this year. Ken Avery reports on the removal of diseased elm trees from in and near the Garden plus more updates on the nesting of the Great Horned Owl. Some poems, members notes and an article on the X-ray photos of flowers by Dr. Albert Richards.
23-1 (25-1)   Jan 1975 Notes from President Dassett, Gardener Ken Avery reports on new and past activity from the Great Medicine Spring and other springs near the Garden. Update on former president and founding member Dorothy Binder. Update on other members. Poem by Betty Bridgman and note that she donated her book on poetry to the Friends.
22-4 (24-4)   Oct. 1974 Gardener Ken Avery discusses cultural practices of controlling woody growth in the Prairie Garden. President Dassett review recent Friends funding for the Garden and his recent meeting with Martha Crone. Volunteer report. Members news a book review of Wildflowers and Weeds
22-3 (24-3)   July 1974 Gardener Ken Avery reports on the acquisition of some Stemless Pink Lady's-slippers and some Ram's Head Lady's-slippers. President Dassett writes on spring birding while in England. Report from the annual meeting, shelter volunteer update.
22-2 (24-2)   April 1974 Gardener Ken Avery has more information to add about owls in the Garden (see 21-1) and also reports of several break-ins at the Garden. President Dassett has comments on Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac. Former President Cay Faragher reports of a group of unusual winter birds arriving.
22-1 (24-1)   Jan 1974 Gardener Ken Avery reports of how skiers have discovered the area around the Garden. Memorial notes for Friends benefactors Alvin Witt and Mrs. Gerald Burgess. President Dassett reflects on the Fringed Gentian's™ 22 year history. Clinton Odell's daughter, Moana, writes a tribute to him.
21-4 (25-4)   Oct. 1973 Gardener Ken Avery adds to the squirrel story from the last issue, continues his Garden history and comments on the upland garden in the fall - too much sumac and lots of downy gentians. Letter from President Robert Dassett on Garden projects. List of volunteers and new members.
21-3 (24-3)   July 1973 Gardener Ken Avery presents his famous squirrel story and continues with his Garden history. Report of the Annual Meeting held on May 12th. List of new members and a letter from Martha Crone thanking the Board for granting her a life membership.
21-2 (23-2)   April 1973 Gardener Ken Avery writes about the Garden coming alive for the earliest spring he remembers, update on the Great Medicine Spring. President Robert Dassett writes about a new nature trail in Wisconsin. Ken Avery continues the history begun in the previous issue.
21-1 (23-1)   Jan. 1973 Gardener Ken Avery writes about unusual occurrences in the Garden - the death of the spring, return of the Great Horned Owl and the Saw-whet Owl. He also gives a brief history of the Garden's early years, update on the Great Medicine Spring. President Robert Dassett presents two poem from a local poet, Clell Gannon.

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