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Note: Some of these files do not contain the back page, when that page is address information only and does not contain articles or photos. Numerous times after volume 19, editors got the published volume numbers out of sequence and sometimes forgot to change the dates. Corrections are indicated in the listing.

Additional Volumes:
Volumes 61 and higher - 2013 and later.
Volumes 41 to 60 - 1993 - 2012
Volumes 21 to 40 - 1973 to 1992

Upper volumn # is chronological. Lower #, if any, is as published.

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Pub Date Main Articles
20-4 (22-4)   Fall 1972 Gardener Ken Avery writes about losing a large elm in the Garden, President Robert Dassett, reports about Friends activities, editor Mildred Olson writes about visiting the home of the Audubon family in PA. List of new members.
20-3 (22-3)   Summer 1972 Gardener Ken Avery writes about the spring season at the Garden, letter from Parks Superintendent Gordon Morrison about preserving natural areas, list of new members, and a list of shelter volunteers.
20-2 (21-2)   Spring 1972 Friends president Robert Dassett writes of changes coming to the Garden in the spring. Protected wild flowers is discussed, spring flowers reviewed, pollution, and bird notes about red polls are given.
20-1 (21-1)   Winter 1972 Gardener Ken Avery writes about the Garden in mid-winter and the close of the past season, update on the Great Medicine Spring; a report is given on the bird count at Hawk Ridge, and the new book "Common Wild Flowers of Minnesota" by Gerald Ownbey is given.
19-4 (20-4)   Fall 1971 Curator Ken Avery writes about a busy season at the Garden, update on the Great Medicine Spring; new President Robert Dassett writes his notes about the Garden, past president Cay Faragher provides more notes on the Garden,
19-3   Summer 1971 New editor Mildred Olson begins as editor of the Fringed Gentian. She reports on the Friends Annual Meeting, on new members, lists those volunteering at the shelter, notes the sighting of a rare bird in the area - a "Ruff". Garden Curator Ken Avery reports on what's happening at the Garden.
19-2   Spring 1971 Martha Crone edits her last edition of the Fringed Gentian, she writes about spring, a tour through the Garden, mushroom hunting, new citrus fruits, saving our wild flower heritage, the annual bird count of the Minn. Ornithological Union, pistachio nuts, and lists new members. President Cay Faragher notes the replacements for Martha Crone's positions and a new volunteer coordinator.
19-1   Winter 1971 Martha Crone writes about winter, observations from a helicopter, marks the 20th anniversary of The Friends and the 19th of The Fringed Gentian, looks forward to spring, writes about the Water Ouzel. President Cay Faragher announces the retirement of Martha Crone from the position of Friends Secretary/Treasurer and Fringed Gentian editor.
18-4   Fall 1970 Martha Crone writes about autumn colors, pollution Witch Hazel, the monarch butterfly,fall bird migration, the use of leaf mulch. She gives a list of new members and President Cay Faragher thanks volunteers and remarks about Garden visitors from abroad.
18-3   Summer 1970 Martha Crone writes about A Song of Summer, white pelicans, boxelder bugs, and gives her thanks for the new Garden shelter dedicated in her name. She reports on the Annual Meeting of the Friends that was the first to be held in the new shelter. Friends president Cay Faragher gives her report. New member list included.
18-2   April 1970 Martha Crone writes on "Signs of Spring", the early flowers, new members, an easy soil test, spring mushrooming, the early bird migration, President Cay Faragher's letter on the dedication of the Shelter and the new volunteer needs to staff it.
18-1   January 1970 Martha Crone writes of winter hours, her north shore visit, memorials received, bird notes, new member list, President Cay Faragher's letter updating on the shelter construction and the need for more donations.
17-4   October 1969 Martha Crone writes of "Autumns Golden Interlude", bird migration - who stays, hardy lilies, slugs in the garden, the conservation needed for Lake Superior, a list of new members, the loon, philodendrons, and a letter from President Cay Faragher announcing the start of construction of the new Garden shelter.
17-3   July 1969 Martha Crone writes of "Summer's Glory", report of the annual meeting of the Friends, Memorial for Margaret Tusler, Wintergreen, usefulness of ants, Evening Grosbeaks, and a letter from President Catherine Faragher.
17-2   Spring 1969 Martha Crone writes of the Joys of Springtime, which plants work best for a bog garden, spring mushroom hunting, spring bird migration, the value of fertilizing and spices.
17-1   Winter 1969 [last two pages missing] Martha Crone writes about winter, the snow bunting, insect sprays. Friends president Cay Faragher provides the first commentary on plans for the new Garden Shelter.
16-4   Fall 1968 Martha Crone writes about autumn, an autumn garden stroll, preparing your bird feeders for winter, the Partridge berry, Heliotrope, Autumn on the north shore, the ruby throated hummingbird, a winter terrarium, False Dragonhead and reports on new members of the Friends and the memorial in the Garden to Amy Odell that was erected this past summer.
16-3   Summer 1968 Martha Crone writes about the height of summer, black flies, report of the annual meeting of The Friends, strange antics of some birds, dogs, the balsam fir, and reports on the progress of the Fern Hill in the Garden.
16-2   Spring 1968 Martha Crone gives a salute to spring and writes about the mystery of the First Robin, the milky way, wilderness appreciation, the ruffled grouse, Hepaticas, the monarch butterfly and flower fragrances.
16-1   Winter 1968 Martha Crone writes about the silvery winter look, earliest march plants, seed catalogs, the chocolate tree, Tangelo seeds, the Orion constellation and gives her quarterly bird notes and a welcome to new members of the Friends.
15-4   Fall 1967 Martha Crone writes on the days of autumn, autumn on the north shore, the August Lily, aggressive plants, trumpeter swans, notable visitors to the Garden this past summer, Franklin's gulls, tree growth, the unusual weather of this past year and gives her quarterly bird notes.
15-3   Summer 1967 Martha Crone writes about the spell of summer and the Thunder Moon, soybeans, Mignonette (Reseda odorata), Venus, advises to plan a spring garden now and gives her quarterly bird notes, a report on the Friends annual meeting and more about her cabin on the north shore.
15-2   Spring 1967 Martha Crone writes about the beauty of spring, the revival of the spring garden, blending wild flowers with cultivated flowers, maple sap, turnips, the sweet potato and gives her quarterly bird notes.
15-1   Winter 1967 Martha Crone writes about Stern Winter, observing the strange antics of the Fox Sparrow, house plants, the Whooping Crane, review of The Ghost Tree Speaks by Richard Dorer, invasive species liked and unliked.
14-4   Fall 1966 Martha Crone writes about October, herb magic, the shortening days of fall, some native orchids, success with establishing several plants in the Garden, plants for a dark corner of a room, the importance of insects and givers her quarterly bird notes plus a welcome to many new members of the Friends.
14-3   Summer 1966 Martha Crone writes about the joys of summer, white flowers for a wild flower garden,Sheep sorrel, a "wildflower corner" and gives her quarterly bird notes and a report on the Friends Annual Meeting.
14-2   Spring 1966 Martha Crone writes on "Tis spring again", trailing arbutus, Oconee-bells, Sweet Woodruff, Spring's end, a walk in the Wild Flower Garden, and gives her quarterly bird notes.
14-1   Winter 1966 Martha Crone writes about Winter's progress, bird feeding, the function of the Wild Flower Garden, the month of March, bird feeding, early spring flowers, house plants, and gives her quarterly bird notes.
13-4   Fall 1965 Martha Crone writes about the glory of October weather, Trumpeter Swans, Jerusalem Artichoke, the autumn season, winter mulch, white cedar, egrets and herons and the joy of a stroll among ferns and wild flowers.
13-3   Summer 1965 Martha Crone writes about a touch of summer, the Minnesota state bird - the Common loon, Indian Pipe, Cassia Buds, late summer flowers, the Humpbacked black fly, bay leaves, Trillium planting time and reports on the spring Garden tour and open house
13-2   Spring 1965 Martha Crone writes about the first signs of spring, herbs and spices, the truffle, the Douglas fir, developing a wild flower corner in your yard, Grape Ivy, garden slugs and she gives her quarterly bird notes and reports on the Friends annual meeting.
13-1   Winter 1965 Martha Crone writes about the winter woods, the orchid cactus, the value of insects, animal camouflage, Monkshood and gives her quarterly bird notes plus more information on the addition to the Garden.
12-4   Fall 1964 Martha Crone writes about brief glimpses of fall, the Tangelo, popularity of wild flower gardens, the Colchicum lily, Herring Gulls, Zucchini squash, fireweed, the close of the growing season and gives her quarterly bird notes plus information on the addition to the Garden.
12-3   Summer 1964 Martha Crone writes the summer garden, the September "Harvest" moon, evergreen tree damage of the past spring, bulbs, fall planting and gives her quarterly bird notes and reports on the spring Garden tour and open house.
12-2   Spring 1964 Martha Crone writes about glimpses of spring, Dieffenbachia, mushroom hunting in the spring, the "Planting Moon", water chestnut. She gives her quarterly bird notes, a report on the Friends annual meeting, and writes about her cabin on the north shore.
12-1   Winter 1964 Martha Crone writes the silence of winter, sesame seed, silk-worm cocoons, the months of February and March, the new Pigeon River crossing into Canada, the lily and rose families, seed catalogs and gives her quarterly bird report plus more on the past season in the Garden
11-4   Fall 1963 Martha Crone writes about the Loom of Autumn, conservation, fall birds, white-tailed deer, how to make acid soil, Summer work done in the Garden, composting leaves and propagating Dieffenbachia. President Walter Lehnert writes about salvaging native plants
11-3   Summer 1963 Martha Crone writes of a Touch of Summer, troublesome moths, the advance of the season from south to north, beet and cane sugar, experimental plantings in the Garden, bird notes, and native plants for the home garden.
11-2   Spring 1963 Martha Crone welcomes spring, reminds us to plant a tree, urges care with chemical spraying, writes of May birds, sawdust mulch, whooping cranes, trumpeter swans, the Showy Lady's-slipper, and about establishing a wild garden. Information from the Friends Annual Meeting is given
11-1   Winter 1963 Martha Crone writes on winter, winter birds, the Sea Onion, unusual fruit, plant allergy from various plants, winter house plants, the Woolly Caterpillar. Former Friends president Dorothy Binder writes a memorial for George Luxton.
10-4   Fall 1962 Martha Crone writes of Autumn Hues, observations of the Minnesota state bird, the monarch butterfly, Christmas cactus, the autumn equinox, winter birds, poisonous mushrooms and reviews Wild Flowers of North America by Robert Lemmon and Charles Johnson. Also printed is a letter from Friends President Walter Lehnert.
10-3   Summer 1962 Martha Crone discusses Summer's Retreat, reports on the spring Garden tour, writes bird notes, writes about the Hermit Thrush, Kalanchoe Carnea, safflower, the skies of August, following the flowers north with the spring, and gives Dorothy Binder's review of Watchers at the Pond by Franklin Russell
10-2   Spring 1962 Martha Crone writes about the Interlude of Spring, bird notes, Oleander, the June Beetle, Cherimoya, making a colorful spring planting, of birds and picture windows, spring mushrooms. She reviews Wild Flower Guide by Edgar Wherry and reports of the Friend's annual meeting held March 13th.
10-1   Winter 1962 Martha Crone writes on winter storms and the January "Snow Moon"; reviews North with the Spring by Edwin Way Teale; she also writes about the Amaryllis, Herring Gulls, acid soil, Poinsettia, mushrooms, bird notes and reviews Wild Flowers by Homer House.
9-4   Fall 1961 Martha Crone writes about autumn colors, the hermit thrush, the Maidenhair tree, Burning Bush, defacing birch trees, a need for wilderness, a herb garden, the tomato; she reviews the progress on the new Fern Hill, and reviews Wild Flowers for Your Garden by Helen Hull.
9-3   Summer 1961 Martha Crone writes about the Glory of Summer Days, reviews Edwin Way Teale's book Journey into Summer; writes about the cultivation of the Minnesota State Flower, the Lake Superior circle drive, bird notes, Puff Adder, results of the Garden guided tour, Sweet Fern, planting azaleas and rhododendrons and reviews Wild Flowers and How to Grow Them by Edwin Steffek.
9-2   Spring 1961 Martha Crone writes on the Miracle of Spring, the Minnesota state bird, bird notes, a home garden, the hibernation of turtles and provides the minutes of the Friends annual meeting held on Jan. 10, 1961.
9-1   Winter 1961 Martha Crone writes of Winter's Enchantment, bird notes, cardamom seed, reviews a new book - Prints of Invisible Fingers, writes a note to Friends members, notes a new flower garden in Grand Marais; writes on the constellation Orion, zodiacal light, Wild Passion-flower, peanuts.
8-4   Fall 1960 Martha Crone writes on Autumn, bird notes, white flowers, "Starting a Wild Flower Garden is Inspiring", winter skies, decorative potted plants, Trillium planting. Also a Friends president's letter from Dorothy Binder.
8-3   Summer 1960 Martha Crone writes of Summer in the Garden, bird notes, cherry blossoms, porcupine, bananas, new wild flower reserves, black bears, Ram's-head Lady's-slipper, lilacs.
8-2   Spring 1960 Martha Crone writes about Springtide's, bird notes, the National flower, Dieffenbachia, the Friends annual meeting, does the sap of a tree rise in the spring?, which is sweeter, beet or cane sugar?, New Jersey Tea, cultivation of rhododendrons and azaleas. Also a Friends president's letter from Dorothy Binder.
8-1   Winter 1960 Martha Crone writes of the Days of Winter, nature enjoyment, bird notes, Wax-plant, Chicory, Cranberry, Lingon Berry, preservation, rainfall.
7-4   Fall 1959 Martha Crone writes on Autumn the Season of Nostalgia, bird notes, Angelica, use of sphagnum moss, November nights, fall planting, Strange as it may seem, Snow-on-the-Mountain, mushrooms and bulb protection.
7-3   Summer 1959 Martha Crone writes of Melody of Midsummer, bird notes, Jerusalem Artichoke, Chimney Swifts, Planting Time, Clinton Odell Memorial, Winter Damage in the Garden, Orchids, the Garden's advantage, Indian Pipe.
7-2   Spring 1959 Martha Crone writes on the Song of Spring, bird notes, Friends annual meeting, Strange as it may seem, plant a tree, the North Star, Allspice, Ruffed Grouse and Did You Know?
7-1   Winter 1959 Martha Crone writes on Winter in the Garden, activity in March, National Flowers, Bees, bird notes, Leatherwood, memberships, White-footed Mouse.
6-4   Fall 1958 Martha Crone writes on the Golden Fall, bird notes, wild flower sanctuaries and wilderness area, plant selection for limited space, summer plantings in the Garden, White Cedar, the new fern hill, and Walking Fern.
6-3   Summer 1958 Martha Crone writes on the Mellowing Summer-time, a review of spring flowering in the Garden, misleading fall foliage, cloves, bloodroot, bird notes, plants to avoid that require very acid soil, late summer flowers, plants that "disappear" over summer. Dorothy Binder writes a memorial article on Clinton Odell who passed away on June 4th.
6-2   Spring 1958 Martha Crone writes about "The Burst of Spring", Purple Loosestrife, bird notes, Oconee Bells, the best plants to choose for spring wildflower planting, flowers that that have united petals, frogs, and Wild Leek.
6-1   Winter 1958 Martha Crone writes about features of winter, Jewell-weed, winter bird notes, Brazil Nut, the Mustard Family, Daffodils, city tolerant trees, growth rate of certain trees, propagating the Large-flowered Trillium, yams and sweet potatoes.
5-4   Fall 1957 Martha Crone writs on Autumn's Brilliance, bird notes, wild flower conservation, poisonous seeds, bird attraction, ferns and azaleas and then devotes a full page to a garden census she took in a half acre area around the Garden office.
5-3   Summer 1957 Martha Crone writes on "Summer - Noontime of the Year", progress of plants in the Garden, "Why not plant some Trilliums?", Seed dispersal, Coralroot, the Garden's usefulness, and about the award Friends president Clinton Odell received from the Northwest Sportsman's Show.
5-2   Spring 1957 Martha Crone writes on the "Joys of Spring", bird notes, seeding time, suggestions for bird houses, wild ginger, orchids, edible wild plants, and the purpose of the Garden.
5-1   Winter 1957 Martha Crone writes of "Winter Solitude", bird notes, Bayberry candles, Garden activities of 1956, Persimmon, planting our native ferns, rhododendrons, winter trees. Friends President Clinton Odell writes on Martha receiving a bronze medal from the MN Horticultural Society.
4-4   Fall 1956 Martha Crone writes of "Mellow Autumn Days", the Bird's-foot violet, bird notes, American Spikenard, Plant distribution, "Last of the season ramble thru the Garden", the twining direction of vines, rare evergreen ground covers, and a report on the fern garden.
4-3   Summer 1956 Martha Crone writes of the "Ways of Summer", "Wild Flower Gardens Just Don't Happen", bird notes, the Minnesota state flower, Blue Columbine, Butterwort, Maidenhair tree and some small little known facts.
4-2   Spring 1956 Martha Crone writes on the "Delights of Spring", Spring planting, bird notes, Striped Maple, Mushrooms in spring, the weather of the past year, the Borage Family, and gives notes from the Friends Annual Meeting.
4-1   Winter 1956 Martha Crone writes about "Winter Moods", activities of the past garden year, bird notes, Cardinal Flower, the new fern garden, Primrose Family, Kapok, Christmas Rose, albinos among plants and the use of "wort" and "bane" in a plant's name.
3-4   Fall 1955 Martha Crone writes about "Ideal October Days", the Ginseng Family, Spider-flower, bird notes, establishing wild flower gardens, the milkweed family and of summer's retreat.
3-3   Summer 1955 Martha Crone writes on "Long Summer Days", development of a prairie garden, bird notes, July lull, a nice article about what she sees "Along a Shady Garden Path", and more information on the Wild Flower Garden.
3-2   Spring 1955 Martha Crone writes about spring days, conservation, bird notes, Trilliums, Wild Flowers, Regal Lily, Pests of the Garden and the Friends Annual Meeting notes. Short note from President Clinton Odell of Garden plans for the year.
3-1   Winter 1955 Martha Crone writes on "Winter - The Sunset of the Year", Leatherwood, Rhododendrons, Bird study, Evergreens in winter, Holly, and a number of "did you know" items.
2-4   Fall 1954 Martha Crone writes about mellow fall days, plant observation, mushrooms, fall moods, Tulip-tree, Dutchman's Pipe Vine, Jacob's Ladder and plants that require acid soil.
2-3   Summer 1954 Martha Crone writes on Summertime flowers and birds, common edible and poisonous fungi, "What is the Wild Flower Garden?", Shooting Star, Lady's-slippers, Jack-in-the-pulpit.
2-2   April 1954 Martha Crone writes about Springtime, the Sweet Potato, Rhubarb, seed germination, bird notes, report on The Friends annual meeting, colorful plant buds, suggestions for native plantings and Citronella - now established in the Garden.
2-1   January 1954 Martha Crone writes of Winter, common Asparagus, Partridge-berry, attractive introduced plants, commonly seen birds, her introduction to the Garden of certain trilliums, azaleas and rhododendrons.
1-4   October 1953 Martha Crone writes of Autumn, the Jerusalem Artichoke, Indian Pipe, ground covers, a note on Owls by Thoreau, Wild Asters, Gentian bloom time, membership update, wild fruits.
1-3   July 1953 Martha Crone writes about midsummer, The Snowball bush, Ruby-throated Humming Bird, Poison Sumac, the Minnesota State Flower and how to plant, ferns, excerpt from Thoreau on the Nighthawk, Minnesota wild orchids.
1-2   April 1953 Marthe Crone writes on the Return of Spring, the Snow trillium, May flowers, Skunk Cabbage, Wafer Ash, ancient elm in Wirth Park, Pasque-flower, May Apple, Pileated Woodpecker.
1-1   Winter 1953 First Issue. Letter from President Clinton Odell. Martha Crone writes on why the Fringed Gentian was chosen for a name, notes on Witch Hazel, Horse Gentian, about a winter brook, the value of the Garden, bird notes and Snow Crystals (from Thoreau's journal) - several columns of which she repeated in 1958.

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