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Note: All issues after 1993 have a President's letter, gift, memorial and membership information, most have garden curator's notes. Some of these files do not contain the back page, when that page is address information only and does not contain articles or photos. Numerous times after volume 19, editors got the published volume numbers out of sequence and sometimes forgot to change the dates. Corrections are indicated in the listing.

Additional Volumes:
Volumes 61 and higher - 2013 and later.
Volumes 21 to 40 - 1973 to 1992
Volumes 1 to 20 - 1953 to 1972.

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60-3 60-3Hi Fall 2012 President's letter discusses the 60th Anniversary Garden Party and changes coming in the Newsletter. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews the Garden plantings in 2012 and the progress on invasive removal. MPRB Naturalist Donna Thottungal describes clouds in part II of a II part article; plus committee reports.
60-2 60-2Hi Spring 2012 President's letter discusses the events planned for this years 60th anniversary of the Friends. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins reviews her plans for the season, including the addition of bee hives to the Garden. A profile is published of volunteer Liz Anderson; MPRB Naturalist Donna Thottungal describes clouds in part I of a II part article; plus committee reports.
60-1 60-1Hi Winter 2011/2012 President's letter describes winter events and updates us on the Friends efforts to raise money for the Cary George Wetland Project. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins describes the fall and early winter work in the Garden and updates on the wetland project. MPRB Naturalist Tammy Mercer explains in "A Tale of Two Owls" how our two largest owls, the Barred and the Great Gray, raise their young. Friends Board Member Donna Ahrens interviews John and Joan Haldeman, married in the Garden in 1981, and they reflect on their 30 years together with the Garden. MPRB Naturalist Donna Thottungal describes the theory of icicles. Committee Reports.
59-4 59-4Hi Fall 2011 President's letter describes how delightful autumn can be; reviews the upcoming volunteer appreciation event and updates us on the Friends efforts to raise money for the Cary George Wetland Project. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins describes the large number of summer educational programs that were attended by many school children. The Garden's program coordinator, Loren Borer, is interviewed by Donna Ahrens and we learn about her background and why she liked the Garden. MPRB Naturalist Donna Thottungal looks as some of the strangest fungi that you may encounter. Committee reports.
59-3 59-3Hi Summer 2011 President's letter about the unusual early summer weather and Eloise Butler's comments about a similar season in 1925. Curator reviews the early 2011 Garden events - the tornado, work by the Invasives Action Group, spring wildflower planting. Book Review of An Osprey Summer. Article by MPRB Naturalist Diana Thottungal on "Eyeshine". Interview with longtime member Joy Davis. Committee reports.
59-2 59-2Hi Spring 2011 Presidents' letter on Spring and the new Cary George Wetland Project; Curator's notes on volunteer effort of the 2010 season. Book Review of Who Really Killed Cock Robin. Florilegium project review; article by MPRB Naturalist Diana Thottungal on "What's in a (Flower's) Name"; Committee reports.
59-1 59-1Hi Winter 2010/2011 President's letter & Garden Curator's notes - both reviewing the 2010 season. Book Review, 2010 volunteer activity report, 2010 report of the Invasive Plant Action Group. Illustrated article by MPRB Naturalist Diana Thottungal on the magical qualities of "Water in Winter". Volunteer spotlight on Harriet Betzold.
58-4 58-4Hi Fall 2010 President's letter on the visual wonder of the Garden and how artists have interpreted it. Curator Susan Wilkins continues the same topic with notes on Garden art programs, the 2010 Garden Resident Artist and art programs affiliated with other organizations. Artistic images from the Garden by four Friends members are discussed; Naturalist Tammy Mercer writes about the color of bird feathers and why we see the colors the way we do.
58-3 58-3Hi Summer 2010 President's letter about the importance of individual actions and the work of The Friends. Curator's notes on the amount of volunteer time spent in the Garden so far this year. Spotlight on long-time volunteer Marie Demler; book reviews of two children's books; and a selection of nature photos taken by former Fringed Gentian™ editor, Lisa Locken.
58-2   Spring 2010 President's letter on 2010 expectations. Curator's notes on Spring Programs. How to get butterflies into your hand by Naturalist Diana Thottungal; Native Plants for Native Birds by Naturalist Tammy Mercer, Friends Committee reports on volunteering, invasive plants, membership, history and web site.
58-1   Winter 2009/2010 President's letter on the paying attention to nature. Curator's notes on handling invasive species in the Garden. Review of children's book "Owl Moon" of author Jane Yolen. Review of DNR booklet on Minnesota invasive plants. Article by Naturalist Diana Thottungal on the" Secret Life of Winter". Article by Tammy Mercer on the "My Life and Death as a Tree". November 2009 Volunteer Event photos.
57-4   Fall 2009 President's letter on the past Garden season and The Friends educational emphasis. Curator's notes on the need for natural places for the education of people about nature. Review of three children's books by Artist Lois Ehlert. Article by Naturalist Diana Thottungal on how different trees shed their leaves. Article by Donna Ahrens on a children's field trip to the Garden.
57-3   Summer 2009 President's letter on Eloise Butler's favorite flowers, Curator's notes on the replanting of Violet Way, Article on Bird Breeding Survey to take place in the Garden, Judy Bridell's new children's book, History Notes Sampler from 100 years of History. Retirement of Volunteer George Bridgman.
57-2   Spring 2009 President's letter on the beginning of the 102nd year of the Garden and Board of Directors opening, Curator's notes on spring, Volunteer information,. Articles on: Native Plant Diversity at Home, A Rookie's Top Five Wildflower Garden Experiences, History Notes Sampler from 100 years of History.
57-1   Winter 2008/09 President's recap of the 101st Garden season; Curator's notes on what kinds of work take place once the Garden closes for the season; article on how some creatures survive winter dormancy; Article on how some birds and animals stay active in the winter. Book review on "Letters from Yellowstone"; Photos from the Volunteer Appreciation Night.
56-4   Fall 2008 President's reflections on a morning in the Garden; Curator's notes on invasives and new tree and shrub planting; Phenology notes for summer 2008; "Meet the Mushrooms" illustrated article by Diana Thottungal; article on the early Saturday morning birding walks during the past season.
56-3   Summer 2008 President's notes on invasive removal progress and detailed report on such by Jim Proctor; book review of "Bring Nature Home"; Garden Phenology report on just one weeks events; poem by Bonnie Fisher; Garden Curator's notes; Kendra Bergstedt role-playing Eloise Butler; committee reports.
56-2   Spring 2008 President J. Pam Weiner's notes on spring; Greg Lecker on "Plant Profiles" of certain trees and shrubs in the Garden; book review of "Stikky™Trees"; spring welcome by Curator Susan Wilkins; listing of spring Garden programs; "Springtime Thoughts" by Judy Remington. First issue by new editor Judy Remington. Printed with color photos for the the first time.
56-1   Winter 2007/08 President's letter by J. Pam Weiner, "One Hundred Years of Vision" about Eloise Butler by Susan Wilkins, information on the new screen door to the shelter, 2007 in photos, photos of the 100 trees planting day, volunteer report by Ann Godfrey and volunteer profile of Ann, results of the 2007 photo contest, Larry Gravitz looking forward to spring, memorials in the Garden, "Planting for Winter Interest", poem by Phoebe Waugh. 12 pages.
55-3   Fall 2007 Initial President's letter by J. Pam Weiner, reviews of the 100th anniversary and the Birthday Bash, phenology highlights - summer 2007, bird migration, invasives update, volunteer report. 12 pages.
55-2   Summer 2007 Final President's letter by Steve Pundt, annual membership meeting report, Park Board plan update and South Wirth Woods Trail, Garden visitors log, invasives, new program coordinator at the Garden - Erin Dietrich. 10 pages.
  Spring 2007 100th Anniversary events schedule, new Garden tractor, South Wirth trails, memorial for Lisa Locken. (NOTE: When printed, this issue carried an incorrect volume number and issue date of 54-4, 2006)
54-4   Fall 2006 Autumn plantings, fall colors, leaf preservation, book review on The Songbirds Bible, phenology, Wirth trail information.
54-3   Summer 2006 Invasive removal plan for Wirth Park, 2006 annual meeting report, Garden Curator's report on mountain laurel, "Birding with Your Ears", phenology of early summer.
54-2   Spring 2006 Garden Curator's report on garlic mustard, "In the Spirit of Walden" with Bill Toivonen, are 2006 bloom dates earlier? birding phenology notes.
54-1   Winter 2005/06 Garden Curator's report on new things for 2006, how will climate change affect birds here, book review on Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America.
53-4   Fall 2005 The Garden is a nature preserve, "Tremendous Trees in the Garden," "The Friends' Vision for South Wirth Woods," "Children as Naturalists."
53-3   Summer 2005 The buffer zone around the Garden threatened, "Cherishing Orchids, an Eloise Butler Legacy," "The Rewards of Summer Birding," dedication of the Ken Avery Birding Terrace, summer phenology.
53-2   Spring 2005 Completion of the back fence project and the Avery Birding Terrace, opening day in the Garden, new plantings, birding article, naturalists' phenology notes.
53-1   Winter 2004/05 Buffer zone around the Garden, great gray owl in the Garden, "The Restoration of Hepatica Hill," bird artwork by Harriet Betzold, remembering Ken Avery, Wm. Toivonen's memories of the Garden.
52-4   Fall 2004 Presidents letter on tracking trees in the Garden, Oak wilt in the Garden, late season phenology, meet our volunteers - Jim Proctor, "In Memory of Little Bat," book review on Butterflies of North America.
52-3   Summer 2004 Presidents letter on "A few new things in the Garden,"Garden Curator's" State of the Garden", late spring birding notes, "Lifelong Learning at the Garden," "Guest Book Tells a Positive Story," meet the volunteers - Katie Fournier.
52-2   Spring 2004 "Welcome to the New Garden Curator" ( Susan Wilkins), Notes from the Garden Curator, "Go Native" - native plant resources and societies, review of books on deer problems, naturalists log, meet the volunteers - Phoebe Waugh.
52-1   Winter 2004/03 Minnesota's migratory birds - "Where is Their True Home?", "50 Years of the Friends," Personal reflections of a naturalist - Willow Rheault, book review of Wildflowers of the BWCA and the North Shore, meet the volunteers - Nita Lussenhop.
51-4   Fall 2003 President Steve Pundt announces that Gardener Cary George is retiring and thanks him for his services to the Garden. Cary George writes his goodbye letter. Shelter volunteers of the past season are listed and thanked. MPRB Naturalist Tammy Mercer writes on the Marvels of Bird Migration. Friends Member Kathy Connelly writes about our wildflowers best friends - the bees. The Garden naturalists have excerpts from their daily log and the book Wild Woods Guide is reviewed.
51-3   Summer 2003 Gardener's notes on "Our Valuable Tree Canopy," Summer Solstice in the Garden, "The Garden as Therapist," book review of Gardening with Prairie Plants, summer phenology.
51-2   Spring 2003 Concerns about Park Board budget cuts, Gardener's notes on "Protection of Our Most Fragile Plant Populations," spring phenology, book review of Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac, meet the volunteers - Harriet Betzold.
51-1   Winter 2003/02 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, includes a reprint of the first Fringed Gentian of January 1953, Garden Curator's notes "A Kit Dies in the Garden," book review of Aldo Leopold's "The River of the Mother of God."
50-4   Fall 2002 President's letter on "A Delicate Balance," Gardener's notes - "Trees: The Backbone of our Woodland Garden," shadow images of 28 leaves collected from the Garden, book review of The Book of Herbal Wisdom, Using Plants as Medicine, fall phenology, meet the volunteer - Betty Bryan.
50-3   Summer 2002 Park Board honors The Friends for 50 years of assistance to the Garden, "It's About the Children" by Launa Ellison, mid-summer phenology, gardener's notes on "The Pea Family Thrives in Hot Prairie Sun," "Mosquito Memories," book review of Weeds of the Northern US & Canada, meet the volunteers - Debbie Norgaard and Joe Schwartz.
50-2   Spring 2002 Gardener's notes on gypsy moths, photos and notes on The Friends 50th Anniversary celebration in the Garden on Mother's Day, "Tale of a Tanager," book review on What's Doin' the Bloomin'? meet the volunteer - Gloria Miller.
50-1   Winter 2001/02 "Story of the First Friend" by Steve Pundt, 1950s essay by Friends founder Clinton Odell, Gardener's notes on "Evergreens for Future Generations," "Winter Botanizing." book review of Noah's Garden, meet the volunteer - Shirley Schultz.
49-4   Fall 2001 Gardener's notes on "The Bog Survives,", review of a hand held bird sound identification device, article on Indian hemp, book review of Northland Wildflowers, revised edition, meet the volunteers - Constance Pepin.
49-3   Summer 2001 President's letter on garlic mustard, Gardener's report on "State of the Garden," article on rattlesnake-root, article on purple loosestrife "The Good Bugs are Winning," meet the volunteers - J. Pam Weiner.
49-2   Spring 2001 President's notes on Eloise Butler and birds, "Seasonal Checklist Created to Document Birds in the Garden Area," Gardener's notes on spring bloom times and the cities wood duck population, "Families are Focus of Educational Programs," meet the volunteers - Marie Demler.
49-1   Winter 2000/01 Gardener's notes on signage in the garden - a new look, "Garden Mammals Await Spring," native landscape sources, meet the volunteers - Lyle Johnson.
48-4   Fall 2000 President's message on Eloise Butler, "When the Witch hazel Blooms" by George Bridgman, poem "fall equinox" by Lon Miller, Gardener's notes on Cedar shaving mulches and Gentians in the Garden, meet the volunteers - Ann Hall, surprise gift of an old herbarium to the Garden.
48-3   Summer 2000 President's message on "Let Nature be our Teacher," Gardener's notes on "From Tall to Tallest in the Summer Garden," "City Kids Learn About Trees" by Ann Godfrey, "Recycling on the Forest Floor" by Susan Wilkins, how to capture bird songs to disk by Richard Peet, Stelten family - "Three Generations Appreciate the Garden," meet the volunteers - George Bridgman.
48-2   Spring 2000 President's letter on the well at the Great Medicine Spring, "Orchids in the Garden" - Gardener's notes, Unusual Trees that Grow in the Garden," by Tegwin Moye, "What do the Naturalists Do?" by Marylynn Pulscher, meet the volunteers - Judy Jones.
48-1   Winter 2000/99 President's letter on volunteers, "Heritage Trees" in the Garden by Cary George, "The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden is Bigger Than its Borders" - an article on the buffer zone, treasures found in the Martha Crone Shelter attic.
    Beginning with the volume below and backward through Fall 1971, the published volume numbers on The Fringed Gentian™ were incorrect, sometimes by as much as three years off. This error began after Martha Crone retired as editor. The volume number at the left that is the link to an issue is the correct chronological number. The number in brackets is the incorrect number that is published on that issue.
47-3 (50-3)   Fall 1999 President's letter on native plants, "Native Grasses for Your Home Landscape" - Gardener's notes, actual size silhouette of five native grasses, poem "First Night of Frost" by Betty Bridgman, "Magic in the Wildflower Garden" by Cathie Baldwin.
47-2 (50-2)   Summer 1999 President's letter - first by Steve Pundt, Gardener's notes on prairie restoration, spring season notes, volunteer orientation report, "Porch Birding at the Wildflower Garden" by Willow Rheult.
47-1 (50-1)   Spring 1999 President's letter - last by Gloria Miller, poem "On Purple Bees and Poppies" by Jack Lynch, "The Garden and its Friends" by Harriet Betzold, late opening date, Gardener's notes on the Great Medicine Spring, egg collection found in North Minneapolis, Skunk Cabbage, spring program notes.
46-3 (49-3)   Winter 1998/1999 Proclamation of Eloise Butler Day by Governor Arne Carlson, Gardener's notes on The Great Medicine Spring, a log splitter, showy lady's slipper; "And They Named Him Y514" - story of an injured hawk in the Garden, poems "A Nut, A Squirrel" and "A Work for Box Elder" by Betty Bridgman, volunteer report for 1998.
46-2 (49-2)   Summer 1998 President Gloria Miller writes about the early spring, the restoration of the well at Great Medicine Spring. An article about butterfly gardens, the planned Eloise Butler Birthday party at the shelter on Aug. 2nd and a welcome for new members.
46-1 (49-1)   Spring 1998 Gardener Cary George writes about the spring weather, the re-modeled Gardener's shed, the loss of red oaks and his missing Ken Avery. The agenda for the Annual meeting is given and new members are welcomed.
45-4 (48-4)   Winter 1997 President Gloria Miller reflects on the passing on Nov. 19, 1997 of former gardener Ken Avery and Harriet Betzold writes "In Memory of Ken Avery." Harriet and Shirley Schultz give the volunteer report for 1997. New members are welcomed.
45-3 (48-3)   Fall 1997 President's letter - first by Gloria Miller (in this her second time as president), "Those Amazing Composites" by Stacy Skinner, Gardener's notes on garden projects, "Late August Birding" by Sara Gallagher.
45-2 (48-2)   Summer 1997 President's Letter- last by Harriet Betzold, 44th Annual membership meeting minutes, volunteers honored by the Park Board, "The Prairie Herbarium" by Cathie Baldwin, Gardener's notes on garlic mustard and other aggressors, "Do Trees Die of Old Age?", two poems by Preben Mosborg.
45-1 (48-1)   Spring 1997 President's letter, Minneapolis Star Tribune article "This Wonderful Garden" by Darlene Pfister, Gardener's notes on off season projects, notes on spring outdoor cleaning by the Park Board, Garden opening and other notes.
44-3 (47-2)   Winter 1996 President's letter on the Garden, gardener notes about Garden projects, and bees, minutes from the 1996 Annual Membership Meeting, "15 simple things you can do to avoid harming wildlife," volunteer report for 1996.
44-2 (47-1)   Summer 1996 (1995) [Issue mistakenly dated Summer 1995] President's letter on the spring Garden, "What's the best time to visit, " Naturalist's notes on plants and insects. NOTE: This issue was published with a 1995 date.
44-1 (46-1)   Spring 1996 President's letter, Gardener's notes on spring activity.
43-3 (45-3)   Winter/fall 1995 President's letter reflecting on the past year, "The Fringed Gentian" - the background of the name, several poems, "The Memory Jar" by E. D. Hatle - a story of Eloise, reprint of The Friends Mission Statement.
43-2 (45-2)   Summer 1995 President's letter, minutes of the 1995 Annual Membership Meeting, poem "Morning at Eloise Butler Wild Flower Garden" by Preben Mosborg.
43-1 (45-1)   Spring 1995 President's letter, Gardener's notes on recent activity and oak wilt, new editor announcement.
42-4 (44-4)   Winter 1995/94 President's letter on Garden activity, "Our Upland Garden: A Restored Prairie" by Elaine Christenson, early March flowers, spring migrating bird sighting dates from 1991, endangered status proposed for "Shooting star," "Friends' Volunteer Program Celebrates 25 Years of Service," 1994 volunteer review.
42-3 (44-3)   Fall 1994 Cary George reviews Martha Hellander's book on Eloise butler. Status of native and non-native plants in the Garden, update on Historic Register proposal.
42-2 (44-2)   Summer 1994 Formation of a committee to nominate the Garden to the National Historic Register. Gardener Cary George writes of the unusual high water levels and new plantings. New membership directory, notes from the annual meeting held May 21, new board members and retiring ones.
42-1 (44-1)   April-May 1994 President Joyce Smeby writes on the signs of spring. Concerns about the Park Board having to make the Garden compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Gardener Cary George writes on putting up wood duck boxes, new plantings, and the fencing of the new prairie addition. List of special plants in the Garden, passing of Allan Odell, membership news, Arizona Garden Visit.
41-4 (43-4)   Winter (Dec) 1993 President's letter of Joyce Smeby, report on "Expansion of the Garden's Prairie," Garden Curator's notes on new plants and native plant sources, Minneapolis Star Tribune article reprint "Come Winter, We Need Another State Bird" by Don Osell, cataloging of books in the shelter, volunteer of the year - Shirley Schultz.
41-3 (43-3)   Fall 1993 Notes from President Joyce Smeby, gardener Cary George's notes, membership notes, quotes from the visitor's book, fall program calendar, Garden structure updates - Mallard Pool, back gate, prairie stones.
41-2 (43-2)   Summer 1993 Notes from president Joyce Smeby, photo of new Friends' board members, notes from Gardener Cary George on bloom dates and the walking fern, summer program calendar, M. Hellander's book wins Minnesota Book Award. Annual Meeting report, Elaine Christenson honored. Membership notes.
41-1 (43-1)   April & May 1993 Presidents note to enjoy Spring in the Garden, Gardener's notes of the past winter, membership notes, article on Protection of Minnesota's Endangered Species, spring program calendar.

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